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KSI - SQC 20 - Swiss Lathe

Used Demo Machine with BWG20 12foot magazine bar feeder, 1 year machine warranty and 2 year Fanuc service contract.

KSI - SM 20 Including Barfeed - Swiss Lathe

Speed: 8000 RPM on the main & sub spindle means more productivity.
Quality: KSI, Fanuc, THK/Starr, NSK, KG, etc. Means you can count on it.
Options: The SQC series comes standard with all options turned on.
Support: KSI School, telephone, email and on site support nationwide.
Value: Pound for pound, feature for feature, you will not find a better value.

The SM series is based on a new casting design that allows for several machine sizes to be built using the same smaller footprint.

The SM20 will be offered with

* a 10,000 rpm main spindle,
* a 8,000 rpm sub spindle.
* increased stroke from the SQCs original 210 mm up to 260 mm.

KSI Swiss machines come standard with many of the features you would have to pay for on a competitors brand, yet are affordably priced. The SQC series of KSI Swiss machines is designed with the end user in mind. The robust base casting and tool stand are extremely rigid and thermally stable in a minimal footprint and the machine cabinet is engineered to afford the operator/setup person maximum room for accessibility.


  • Increased size tool stand for heavy cutting and better finishes

  • Precision THK ball screws

  • THK/Starr Linear guides

  • All NSK bearings

  • Fanuc 18 ITB dual path control

  • All Fanuc electronics and motors

  • Ethernet ready

  • Neat compact cabinet contains all cable, sensors, coolant

  • Easy access doors and covers

  • Manual pulse generator (MPG)

  • Mechanically driven rotary guide bushing

  • (9) Live Mill/Drill Tools

  • Full C Axis Main Spindle

  • Full C Axis sub spindle

  • Driven tools for back-end working are mounted to the base casting which allows for heavier cutting while simultaneously machining on the main & Sub spindle eliminating vibrations

  • (5) Position Y Axis Tool Block

  • Bar feed interface

  • Parts catcher

  • Dual pump coolant system

  • Parts conveyor

  • Spacious Interior

    One of the Most common complaints we hear about Swiss-type Automatics, is the lack of interior room for setup. We know that a dark, cramped space is not the ideal working environment for anyone. So we responded by engineering the cabinet of our CNC Swiss Automatics to be as spacious as possible within the machiness minimal footprint.

    KSI Swiss came from job shop backgrounds, and understand the pressures faced, as well as the camaraderie of the U.S. manufacturers.

    There are three different sizes 20MM, 32MM and 38MM machines.

    * Price advertised is calculated with estimated Section 179 tax Savings

    1449 Lemonwood Dr E
    Upland, Ca 91786

    (909) 833-0838
    (800) 984-4540